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The Best Air Hoists for Sale from Hoist Distributors, McDal Corporation

As reputable hoist distributors, offers air hoists for sale! An air hoist is mainly used to lift automobiles so mechanics can work on them below. The air hoist is connected to an air compressor, which feeds and releases air pressure to the hoist to raise or lower it.

At McDal Corporation, we are well-known hoist distributors and we work with the brand to help provide our customers with the absolute best products available. We offer a variety of lifting and positioning products from manufacturers and their products are a staple in many manufacturing plants.

If you’re a mechanic or manufacturer looking for air hoists for sale, you’ve come to the right place! McDal offers new, used, and refurbished equipment that can be utilized in many different industries. For more information on our products or to see if we have a particular piece of equipment in stock, give us a call today at 800-626-2325.

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