Body Harness

Body Harness for Sale: On-Site Safety Equipment

McDal has you covered when it comes to onsite safety, especially if you are seeking a body harness for sale. One of our largest sellers is the Evolve body harness, which quickly connects for both the legs and chest, securely strapping you in. This body harness for sale also has two lanyard keepers for stowing hanging lanyard connectors. With five-point adjustability on the chest, legs, and torso, there’s good reason why this harness is one of our top sellers!

At McDal, we have a full line of fall protection equipment for sale that will help keep you safe on the job. Protection for workers is vital no matter what industry you’re in. And we strive to make sure we sell only the best of the best when it comes to fall protection. All of our fall protection equipment for sale is OSHA approved.

If you work in the logging industry, we also have logging equipment for sale and so many more products. We’ve been helping heavy industries since 1970, so choose our company for all of your onsite safety needs. Shop all of our body harnesses for sale today!

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