Self Retracting

The Perfect Self-Retracting Lanyard from McDal

At McDal Corporation, we sell a variety of fall protection equipment that’s suitable for any industry job. A self-retracting lanyard is absolutely crucial when on the job, as it will help link together your fall protection equipment and stabilize the cord keeping you safe. You’ll want a fall protection lanyard to be sturdy and strong, which is why we have both galvanized cable and polyester webbing lanyards in our inventory.

We have a large selection of fall protection equipment for sale and our lanyards are essential to staying safe on the job. Our self-retracting lanyard can withstand an arresting force of up to 900 pounds. This fall protection lanyard can also support a load capacity up to 310 pounds so you can rest assured that this lanyard will perform exactly as you need it to.

At, we offer only the best fall protection equipment for sale at an affordable price suitable for both small and large manufacturing outfits.

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