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OSHA Requires Inspections

Did you know OSHA requires inspections for material handling systems?

It does!  OSHA 1910.179, section J mandates periodic (generally interpreted as yearly) inspections for overhead hoists and cranes. Additionally, if your system is used frequently, monthly inspections are required.
McDal has a team of qualified technicians to inspect overhead hoists and cranes, slings, rigging gear, below the hook devices, fall arrest gear, mobile cranes, and many other systems. 
After new installations or any structural alterations, load testing to 125% of capacity is another requirement for cranes.  Structural alterations include end truck and hoist replacements, etc. McDal has weights to load test over 50 tons! 
For smaller devices and hand-held systems, we can perform inspections or load tests at your site or our service center. 
If repairs are necessary, McDal’s service team will let you know and discuss remedies. 

Call us at (800) 626-2325 or email us to schedule your inspection. 


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