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Factory Warranty Repair Service for Electric Chain Hoists & More

Our policy will be to examine and determine warranty validation. Upon factory approval, your hoist will be repaired in accordance with the original factory specifications and load tested at 125% of rated capacity, and will be provided for you at no charge. Please keep in mind that the warranty does not cover abuse and/or neglect. Not all parts are covered. Chain wear is normal and is not covered under warranty. Consult your owners manual for details. If your warranty claim is denied you will be presented an explanation for the decision and a quote to repair the hoist.

If your warranty claim is denied, you have three (3) options:

  1. Approve the repair quote and McDal will repair the hoist.
  2. Have the hoist returned to you freight collect. NOTE: It will not be re-assembled.
  3. A quotation for a NEW unit, equivalent to the one that failed can be purchased and the T&E charges will be credited back to the purchase of a new unit.

After 30 days all units will be returned at your expense. Additional charges may apply.

McDal Corporation
475 East Church Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406
Phone: (800) 626-2325
Fax: (610) 277-4690


McDal Corporation is the authorized Service and Warranty Center for most hoist manufacturers, including C/M, Coffing, Budgit, R&M, Dayton, Harrington and Yale. Our repair facility is unrivaled in the industry. All repair estimates are generated by our Repairs Department and are based on original factory specifications.


  1. Contact: McDal Repair Department (610) 277-5484 extension 31.
  2. Provide: Hoist manufacturer, model, serial, capacity and nature of problem.
  3. Issue: Payment Authorization for teardown and estimate (See T/E CHART below).
  4. Ship: Hoist, PREPAID ONLY please, to McDal Corp, ATTENTION: REPAIRS


Each hoist will be thoroughly disassembled and inspected. All deficiencies will be noted and a repair quote will be generated. Upon receipt, you have the option of accepting or declining the quote. No "partial" repairs will be performed.

If accepted, your hoist will be repaired in accordance with the original factory specifications, bench tested, painted if necessary, load tested at 125% of its rated capacity and packaged for shipment or pickup.

If declined, you have two (2) options:

  1. McDal will discard the hoist for you. Your credit card will be charged for services.
  2. You may have the hoist components returned to you freight collect. The unit WILL NOT BE RE-ASSEMBLED. Your credit card will be charged for services.


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