Having the right fall protection equipment isn't enough; it's also about how you use it! | McDal Corporation

Having the right fall protection equipment isn’t enough; it’s also about how you use it!

OSHA requires fall protection when individuals are working four feet or higher above a lower level or six feet or higher for construction workers.  Having the right equipment and ensuring that workers are using the equipment correctly are imperative.

Our team is asked often about how to use the fall protection equipment correctly, how to identify problems, and how to address the misuses.  This article from Rigid Lifelines, discusses these issues and offers some solutions.  https://www.rigidlifelines.com/blog/entry/common-fall-protection-equipment-misuses-and-how-to-address-them

Please contact our team of experts if you need assistance identifying the right solutions and usage for your business.  We are a turnkey provider for fall protection equipment, and our team is available to inspect your equipment as well as to train your employees on how to use it.