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Adjustable Height Rolling A-Frame

Rigid Lifelines® Rolling A-Frame systems are easy to move by hand. Workers can simply move the system into position and lock the wheels for fall protection anywhere in the facility. Rolling A-Frame systems are available in fixed and adjustable height models.

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Pneumatic foam-filled swivel tires with swivel locks and wheel brakes: $4,730 List (USD)

Yellow ArmorPoxy finish for outdoor applications:
– Up to 20-foot span: $2,080 List (USD); Every additional 10 feet: $520
– Nylacron casters: $1,425 Standard off-plumb (off-center) use is 10 degrees.

For more than 10-degree off-center use, contact McDal for possible extended caster frame width: Price is per application.

*NOTE: While in use, caster frame width and inside clear width must be at the maximum distances. No cantilever loading is allowed on this system.

Rigid Lifelines® Anchor Trolleyconnector is included. System is painted with yellow industrial enamel for indoor applications. NOT included: self-retracting lanyards, carabiners, and harnesses Includes eight-inch diameter polyurethane casters with swivel locks and wheel brakes.

Lead time 24 days

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