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Traveling Bridge (Aluminum)

Rigid Lifelines® Traveling Bridge systems are ideal for applications over a large area because the Anchor Trolley can follow the user in any direction. Traveling Bridges can be freestanding or ceiling-mounted.

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System is painted with yellow industrial enamel for indoor applications. NOT included: self-retracting lanyards, carabiners, and harnesses. Hangers are included; drop-rod or flush-mount styles are available. Price may increase if mounting to a flange width above eight inches or flange thickness above 7/16 inches. Systems cannot be hung from metal thinner than 1/4-inches thick. *Sway bracing is required on all systems utilizing drop-rod type hangers.

Only bridge is aluminum.

Note:   Multiple bridges are possible, but they may require bridge buffers and/or increased runway size.

Lead time 15-25 days depending upon length and bridge size

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