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Wheeled or Skidded Griffin


The Rigid Lifelines® Griffin™ system is designed to provide mobile fall protection solutions over a large area, typically for outdoor locations. Wheeled systems can be moved by towing, and skidded systems can be moved with a large forklift.

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Yellow ArmorPoxy outdoor finish is included with List (USD) price.

Rigid Lifelines® Anchor Trolleyconnector is included. System is painted with yellow ArmorPoxy for outdoor applications. NOT included: self-retracting lanyards, carabiners, and harnesses

Wheeled System includes solid tires, tow bar, and leveling jacks.

Wheeled System:  Dual steer with two tow bars, one on each end of the system: $7,020 list.

Lead time: Skidded (40 days), Wheeled (45-50 days)