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Headerless Case Study

Headerless Workstation Bridge System Improves Performance Services at Custom Garage

Spanco Workstation Bridge Cranes offer exceptional corner-to-corner coverage for a rectangular work area. For applications that require lifting capacities of 1,000 pounds or less, Spanco Headerless Workstation Bridge Cranes and Monorails provide a practical, economical option for lifting applications.

One example of such an application is for automotive garages. At Extreme Performance and Off Road in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, mechanics provide performance services for cars and trucks, such as lift kits, performance wheels and tires, and more. When they expanded their shop, they purchased a new overhead crane for pulling engines and other tasks. Workers from McDal Corporation provided all of the necessary installation expertise and labor, from assembling the complete system to the final load testing.


Extreme Performance has used several methods for lifting motors out of cars, including a “cherry-picker” type engine hoist and an aluminum gantry crane. Now, Extreme Performance is making use of a 1,000-pound capacity Spanco Headerless Workstation Bridge Crane. The headerless system is composed of four columns, two 12-foot runways, and an overall bridge length of 12 feet.

Compared to the other solutions they have used, workers have found that the new headerless system is extremely easy to use and very versatile. Dave, one of the mechanics at Extreme Performance, explained to us how the system simplified many parts of his job.


“My first impression was that the size isn’t overtaking,” Dave told us. “It doesn’t take up a whole lot of shop room, but you can take your car in from the side, the front, or the back. Once the car is in there, there’s a lot of room between the car and the crane so it’s very easy to work around.”

The size of the headerless workstation makes it easier for workers to move around a car or truck while they’re working. Dave explained that “you can position yourself and the hoist anywhere around the vehicle that you’re working on.” Compared to a “cherry picker” type engine hoist, Dave said the Spanco Headerless System is the way to go. “With a cherry picker, you’re fighting for room to move around. With the Spanco system, it’s faster, easier, and safer. You’re not going to accidentally hit the car with any equipment.”

The large size of the Spanco Headerless Workstation Bridge Crane makes it easy to fit almost any car into the working area. A large truck can fit easily under the crane, where it can be fitted with a lift kit, oversized tires, or other modifications. More importantly, the headerless workstation can be used to pull an engine out of a large truck or SUV, where a “cherry picker” engine hoist wouldn’t be tall enough to reach the engine.

Dave also pointed out how easy the installation process was. “McDal [Corporation] did the installation in about three hours. When they were finished, I pulled the truck in here to unload the first motor and transmission.” The entire installation caused minimal downtime, and they could start using the system that same day.

Dave also explained that they have used it frequently for unloading materials in addition to pulling motors. They back a pickup truck under the system then use the hoist to pick up any large parts or heavy objects from the bed. “We’ve used it to unload a generator, new motors, heavy equipment—really anything heavy we need to unload.” Overall, the system makes everyday operations at Extreme Performance easier, safer, and faster than ever before.


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