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Electric Chain Hoist
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At McDal.com, we have a variety of chain hoists for sale and our selection of electric chain hoists is filled with high quality brands and products. Electric chain hoists are ideal for lifting or pulling heavy objects and are most prevalent in the transportation, construction, and manufacturing industries.

If you’re searching for new, used, or refurbished electric chain hoists for sale, McDal.com has just what you need! With products from brands such as Coffing, R&M, Budgit and CM, we guarantee you’ll find the best product for the application it’s needed for. When searching for chain hoists for sale, it’s important to make sure its load capacity, lift length, and lifting speed are suitable what you need. We also recommend making sure the hoists are up to industry specifications and standard, which we can do right in our King of Prussia location!

For all of the best electric chain hoists for sale and more, be sure to shop McDal.com today or check out our listing in our eBay store. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at 800-626-2325.

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